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I'll be your Elderberry!

At Popple Tree Creek Farms we’re known for our amazing elderberry syrup and other wonderfully healthy and delicious elderberry products. We believe in nurturing both the body and the land. Spring 2021 We will be starting the farm with one full acre of Sambucus Canadinsis - American Black elderberry.Please go to our About page to keep up with the farm and to learn all about American Elderberry as well as other farm, garden and homesteading information from our family at Popple Tree Creek Farms! 

DIY Elderberry Syrup Kit - Contains

  • Enough dried elderberries to make 28 oz of elderberry syrup

  • Enough Organic Dried Ginger, Organic Dried Cloves and Organic Ceylon Cinnamon for approximately 28 oz of elderberry syrup

Method #1 Elderberry Syrup (requires accurate thermometer) (this is my preferred method, read disclaimer at end)

  1. Put dried Berries into a little more than 2 cups of water let soak 30 minutes

  2. Lightly Heat (avoid scorching berries on bottom of pan) water and berries to 140*F (stir often) and hold for 10 minutes.

  3. Let cool enough to handle.

  4. Strain and press berries. Can be done straining through a tea towel and ringing out liquid back into pot or just a fine strainer and spoon pressing liquid from berries.

  5. Measure amount of juice…you want 2 cups of pressed juice. If a little short add to make 2 cups. If a little over don’t worry.

  6. Add approximately 2 – 4 table spoons of lemon juice if desired.

    1. Will add to storage time…in my opinion tastes good too.

  7. Raise temp to 180*F and hold for ten minutes

    1. Add 1.5 cups honey or other sweetener of your choice.

      1. Stir until dissolved to avoid scorching on bottom of pot

    2. If using any spices put in spice bag and add during heating.

  8. After heating to 180*F and holding ten minutes

    1. Transfer into container of your choice.

    2. Let cool and store in refrigerator.

    The first heating step is designed to release all the antioxidants from the pulp and skin of the berry into the juice. This process also deactivates any of the cyanogenic glycosides that maybe present in the seeds or any stems that were not removed making your elderberry syrup health, nutritious and safe to consume.

    The amount of water you add to the berries will vary depending on how humid your area is, the level of moisture present in the berries, and your ability to extract all the liquid from the berries.  Do not worry if you come up short a little just add to balance to reach 2 cups / 100 grams of dried berries. If you’ve purchased my kit it comes with 100 grams of dried berries.

Please play around with the recipe you can add or subtract any ingredient you want.


    Elderberry Syrup can easily be made shelf stable however because elderberries are a low acid food, I do not recommend doing it until you understand the safe way to process low acid foods. This requires accurate temperature control, addition and measurement of an acid to acidify the syrup and understanding of hot process or proper water bath canning methods. In the meantime, experiment and enjoy, Elderberry syrup doesn’t really last in my house long enough to spoil. My wife and kids all enjoy it we even feed the left-over berries to our dogs, cats, and chickens. There are numerous benefits for them too.


How to drink Elderberry Syrup

Drink it straight - 1 Tabelspoon 1x daily 1/2 of a regular shotglass is approx 1 Tbls or 15ml's. If currently experiencing symtoms can increase to 3-5x/day space by 2 hours or more.

Elderberry Syrup Tea I feel the lighter teas allow the elderberry flavor to shine more than the darker teas do. My favorite is to add 1 -2 Tablespoons to a cup of white tea...experiment to see what your favorite is.

Elderberry Syrup Drizzle over

  • buttered muffin 

  • piece of toast

  • especially good drizzled over crepes if you like those...Who doesn't

Maybe you're in the mood for an adult beverage and want to add a little healthy justification...

Elderberry Moscow Mule

  • Moscow Mule Glass - Optional​

  • 1 shot Vodka or Whisky...if you're feeling frisky

  • 1 tablespoon elderberry syrup...a little more for taste will not hurt anything.

  • Dash of lime juice

  • 1/2 Cup of ginger beer...any kind that you like!

How much Elderberry Syrup should I take? 

Generally adult dosage for adults is 1 Tablespoon per day for immune support. Adult dosage can be increased to as frequent as 1 Tablespoon every two hours when experiencing symptoms of sickness. Child dosage is 1 Teaspoon instead of Tablespoon graduated for the size of you child. 

When elderberries are cleaned of stems and leaves and properly processed there is no known maximum amount of elderberry that ca be consumed. 

It is important to note that when taking elderberry for immune support taking more at one time is not nearly as important as spacing out your consumption studies show that the active immune chemicals present in elderberry are processed by your body in 1.5 - 2 hours. 


The Elderberry Girls Say

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