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Elderberry Syrup - Honey

Elderberry Syrup - Honey

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Popple Tree Creek Farms - Elderberry Syrup 11 fluid ounces of our Northern Minnesota Famous Elderberry Syrup - Honey Flavor 


Ingredients - Water, Elderberries, Honey, citric acid 


12 fl oz Bottle.

Made elderberry juice, sweetened with local honey, citric acid added for freshness. 


Our glass bottles are recyclable and the size and shape were selected for easy no drip pouring


Recommended serving: 1-3 tablespoons once perday or as needed.


Our amazing Elderberry Syrup is so good can be taken all by itself, however it is a great addition to tea, water, juice or your faviorite carbonated soda...clear sodas are the best.


Try it over crepes, pastries or cream cheese with cracker for a health snack...very tasty and is reputed to be positive boost for your immune system


More recipies can be found on our recipies page.

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